Beautifully functional items for your garden


Sometimes an area deserves a piece which is entirely unique. You may have wonderful ideas of the perfect item, but can't find something which looks just right, or perhaps even fits. 

I can help you bring your perfect piece outdoor furniture or woodwork to life. From design to finished product, your piece will have been carefully crafted, made to last, and to be enjoyed for years to come.

Carpenter Measuring Wood



Bin sheds - a perfectly functional disguise

One of my most popular items, bin sheds are a neat and practical way to store, and hide, your bins. With the option of adding a parcel drop, you'll also never have to worry about missing a delivery again. 

With a number of customisation and personalisation options, your shed will be based on your exact requirements.

Prices starting from £560.


Planters - in a variety of forms and sizes

Planters are another hit from my outdoor range. All the variations pictured are from my own design but I am very happy to do them to your requirement. These can also be personalised.



Small sheds - a place for your boots, logs, or toys

Built using natural Larch, the project below will turn a beautiful silvery grey over time. Should you have a particular shade or finish in mind, I can add this using a smooth, spray application.

These make wonderful gifts, especially with an engraved personalised message or name.



a small retreat in the corner of the garden



a proper door to the rear garden, rather than a simple gate, doesn’t just look great it also enhances security.


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