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The perfect disguise

My bin sheds have proved very popular. They are a neat and practical way to store, and hide, your bins. You'll also never have to worry about missing a parcel again. 


Depending on your needs, your shed can be made with a number of sections and with or without a parcel drop.

To keep your deliveries safe, the parcel drop can be fitted with a code lock.


For a touch of fun, or to mark your address, your shed can also be personalised.

Materials and finish

As standard for all my outdoor projects, I use air-dried Larch Wood. Larch is great for outdoor use as it is very durable, even when untreated, similar to Cedar.

If you have a special wood species in mind, hardwoods etc. this can be requested.

Should you require a coloured or stained finish, this will be applied by spray for a smooth finish. I can offer shades from the Cuprinol garden series. The bin shed pictured is painted in “Wild Thyme” from the range.

I can also offer Osmo stains, which leaves a durable, warm, natural finish, showcasing the natural grain of the wood.


Prices exclude shipping and are dependent on finish:

  • 1 section from £560

  • 2 sections from £855

  • 3 sections from £1,151

  • 4 sections from £1,446

Bin sheds : Text
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