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Built-in wardrobe made as a flat pack construction, using a high-quality Festool connector system to enable assembly on site. Doors were made of MDF with decorative groove patterns routed in.

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"We had looked at various options for the built in wardrobes, but nothing was quite right. Having met with Jan, he understood our idea, made suggestions, and prepared a thorough plan to bring our vision to life.

We cannot thank him enough. His attention to detail was amazing and craftsmanship first class. He kept us updated throughout and his expertise, personal touch, and good
humour, ensured that the whole process was expertly completed.

We were also delighted with the cost and the fact that he ensured that the
project was delivered within budget. We cannot recommend him highly enough."

Bev & John

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The benefits of bespoke built cabinets are well illustrated by this project.

This client was, after a major renovation of their house, left with two empty cavities in their new dressing room.

By using my design software I was able to present my client a design that could be assembled on site and utilise the two cavities in an efficient way. Any changes to design could easily be incorporated at this stage.

The ability in being able to present the client a design model before any work is commenced is key to a successful project.

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